Heinrich KIEMLE


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Heinrich KIEMLE 1531-
11th great-grandfather
Dietrich Kiemle 1575-
Son of Heinrich KIEMLE
Hans Der Jungere Kiemle 1605-1659
Son of Dietrich Kiemle
Anna Maria Kiemle 1650-1714
Daughter of Hans Der Jungere Kiemle
Stephanus Herrmann 1680-
Son of Anna Maria Kiemle
Matheus Hermann 1710-
Son of Stephanus Herrmann
Christina Margaretha Hermann 1735-1790
Daughter of Matheus Hermann
Johannes Feiler Feyler 1768-1823
Son of Christina Margaretha Hermann
Johann Georg Feyler 1800-1866
Son of Johannes Feiler Feyler
Johann Jacob Feyler 1829-1887
Son of Johann Georg Feyler
Anna Feiler 1877-1961
Daughter of Johann Jacob Feyler
Clarence Peter Voelker 1909-1999
Son of Anna Feiler
Charles Francis Voelker 1942-2002
Son of Clarence Peter Voelker

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